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Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: You describe yourself as a documentary photographer, what does that actually mean?

ANSWER: For my sessions, it means you'll be encouraged to be yourself, let your personalities shine, let your kids run around and have fun, and let me just be a bestie hanging out documenting all the love. I do still guide some posing (which typically leans into some more candid shots without you even realizing!) as well as include a good hand full of "traditional" posed shots in each gallery. 

QUESTION: I am interested in a type of session you do not have listed. Do you offer it, and what would my investment look like?

ANSWER: While the bulk of my sessions consist of the services I have listed, I try to offer my services to anyone who may be interested, so there is a great chance I could give you more details on the shoot you're looking for if you send further information to my email, or fill out my website form.


QUESTION: What is your turnaround time?

ANSWER: Regular sessions have a gallery delivery turnaround time of 2-4 weeks (depending on where I'm at in the season) Weddings have a sneak turnaround time of 48 hours and a gallery turnaround time of up to ninety days.

QUESTION: What if we need our gallery sooner?

ANSWER: I will rush galleries (schedule permitting!) for an extra $50 per week for regular galleries or $50 per two weeks for wedding galleries. At least a 2 week heads up is necessary for early delivery. 

QUESTION: Do you charge a retainer fee, and is it refundable? What about rescheduling fee?

ANSWER: I do charge a retainer fee for all sessions. This fee locks in your date on my calendar and goes towards your session total. Retainers are non-refundable/transferable to future sessions. I understand life happens, and I do my best to reschedule when possible! I do have a fee for sessions rescheduled less than one week in advance, and a slightly higher fee for sessions needing to be rescheduled 2 days or less in advance. All sessions rescheduled for 30 days or less from original session will have their retainer transferred. 

QUESTION: How far do you book out?

ANSWER: This definitely depends on the time of year! Typically my weekends are booked 1-2 months in advance, with weeknights being more available. I always recommend reaching out as soon as possible, as my busy schedule is most likely to line up with those who plan in advance. I still encourage people to always reach out! I try my best to accommodate to even the last minute planners when possible, there's no harm in at least asking!

QUESTION: Do you offer newborn photography?

ANSWER: I do not offer "traditional" newborn photos at this time, but do offer outdoor or (more popular) in-home "lifestyle" photos with your newest addition! These document a more cozy, candid, and lived in feel to your newest additions first weeks. I am not properly trained to pose newborns safely (as many people don't even realize newborn photographers should be!) and I value you and your family's safety too much to try something out of my scope of knowledge. 

QUESTION: Do you offer mini sessions?

ANSWER: Aside from my mini session event days, I do not offer mini sessions as a package option. The amount of time and energy both you and I put into planning your session, preparing for your session, and driving to your session deserves a full 40 minutes of shoot time. This also goes against my "documentary" lived in flow. I often find that it's always the last half of the shoot where people are finally comfortable, coming out of their shell, and giving me the BEST candid shots!

QUESTION: Do you put a limit on the number of images we will receive from our session? Do you charge clients for additional images!

ANSWER: I do not! You will receive every edited image that I feel is up to my creative standard. You may notice a lot of similar images in your final gallery, but this lets YOU choose which images you love the most. The only time this may differ is with mini sessions, and in that case that will be advertised. 


QUESTION: Will you deliver raw images if asked?

ANSWER: In the spirit of preserving the integrity of my work, I do not deliver raw images to clients. The ONLY exception to this would be a fellow photographer booking a branding session with me, to ensure their images match their unique editing style.  

QUESTION: I want to work with you, but want my photos edited in a different style. Can you accommodate to that?

ANSWER: I do not accommodate to specific editing requests. I've spent countless hours practicing and perfecting my specific editing style, and that is what I am confident in delivering. Art is completely subjective, and I always encourage people to find a fellow artist who's artistic style aligns with theirs, no hard feelings!

QUESTION: Why don't you answer social media inquiries?

ANSWER: I have a virtual assistant that answers the bulk of my general inquiries, as well as helps with my scheduling. It was becoming too complicated for us both to keep up with threads all over several different platforms. We came to the decision that it would be best for our workflow, as well as my client's experience to have all messages be in the same place!

QUESTION: Can we bring our pup to our session?

ANSWER: YES PLEASE! Assuming they are friendly, you choose a location that is pet friendly, you agree to pick up after them, and keep them leashed if necessary. and I highly encourage you to bring a friend to help take care of them while they're not modeling with us. Treats or squeaky toys are great to bring too to help get their attention towards me! 

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